Interview with Jon’ette Jordan, Celebrity Event Planner

How did you become an Event Planner and how long have you been in the industry?

You know that something special you possess and perform with great ease,  yet those around you would struggle if they tried?  That  something special for me is event planning.

My firm celebrated its 18 year anniversary in September 2019!  It was quite obvious early on to anyone paying attention that I was a professional Event Planner in the making.  I actually negotiated my first vendor contract [with a DJ company for a dance] at the age of 13.  As Social Director of my school, I had such a natural ability to organize several moving parts of an event simultaneously that I was the first student that never required adult supervision.  I went on to plan fashion shows, fundraisers and events in conjunction with the Red Cross as a high school student.  I began refining my party planning ingenuity throughout my time studying Mathematics at  Spelman College.  I even threw a huge birthday bash for my roommate that Andre 3000 of Outkast attended!  I’ve since planned events with 400+ guests for Aramark Sports & Entertainment, private events for Emmy Award winning actor, Keith David, former NBA star, Matt Barnes, Brian McKnight, R&B/Soul Legend Lenny Williams, the destination island wedding for actor Antonio Sabato, Jr., and the nuptials of countless professional athletes.  I’ve always been conscious of how much a well-planned, unique event enhances the lives of everyone involved.

Do you only work with Celebrities now?

Absolutely not.  Though I’ve enjoyed planning a variety of special events for celebrities, I’m frequently contracted by corporations and/or individuals who simply desire a unique, seamless and fun event.  My other clientele consists of:

  • Attorneys
  • Doctors
  • Realtors
  • Tech Companies
  • Retail Managers
  • Public Relations Agencies
  • Engineers
  • Teachers
  • Art Galleries
  • Banks

What does J2 mean? 

With a name like Jon’ette Jordan, I was destined for people to call me JJ.  J2 is an homage to my love of Mathematics.

What truly sets you apart from other Event Planners?

My event planning philosophy is comprised of three major factors that just so happen to make my style and me different from others:

  1. I believe events are visual representations of what makes people and/or companies unique
  2. I accentuate quirks
  3. I embrace diversity

When people start planning their weddings, birthday and graduation parties, bar and bat mitzvahs or even product launches, browsing sites such as Pinterest seems like the natural first step.  Most people planning a wedding have never done it before.  Certainly, if you’re celebrating a birthday, you’ve never been that age before.  Same with a bar/bat mitzvah.  If your company is launching a new product, then obviously it’s the first time highlighting that product.  I understand how instinct leads people to see what others have done to bring those same types celebrations to fruition; it’s intuitive.  The flaw in that plan is most people don’t have a creative bone in their bodies, especially when it comes to event design.  Thus, most people simply end up copying ideas created by others, which is how you get blogs and magazines full of “real events” that look exactly the same with the exception of the person/s for which the event is being thrown.

I take the time to understand who my clients are as people.  What are their quirks?  What types of personalities do they possess?  Are they laid back?  High strung?  Energetic?  Hands on?  Funny?  Sarcastic?  Whatever it is, I will find out.  Then I’ll take that information and turn it into something visually stunning.  I use all of that information to tell a story with the details of my clients’ special days.  My approach ensures that there will be nothing cookie cutter about my clients’ events!

Are your services affordable for everyone?

Yes!  However, it depends on how much someone feels their peace of mind [for starters] is worth.  Typically, my clients are busy professionals, executives and consummate perfectionists who have other things to do than fret over every last detail involved in making their event a success.  My team and I provide highly personalized, detailed services that are sure to please the client willing to invest in making their event an absolute success!

What if someone has more questions before getting started?  May they contact you to discuss this further?

Yes, of course.  Email me at or call 510-393-1613 and we’ll setup a complimentary get acquainted consultation to discuss your event and determine how I can help!



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