Ask Jonette: Which decisions come first?

On January 3, 2011

Today’s question is “I just got engaged 2 weeks ago.  I’m feeling overwhelmed because it seems like everything needs to be done at once.  Which decisions should come first and which ones can wait?” Even I would probably feel a bit overwhelmed by attempting to complete every wedding related task simultaneously.  That’s why I don’t!  […]

5 Wedding Gowns Under $500 for 5 Types of Brides-to-Be

On December 17, 2010

Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier and Marchesa design some of the most sought after, beautiful wedding gowns ever created.  I even envisioned myself in a Vera Wang gown once upon a time when I dreamt of a fairytale wedding with 450 guests.  Most people either cannot afford one of these couture masterpieces or have no desire […]

Thank You Notes

On December 11, 2010

Once you become engaged, expect gifts to start coming out of your ears.  Everyone loves receiving and opening gifts.  Knowing that a loved one took the time to pick out something especially for the two of you is heart warming.  The only thing that rivals the excitement of receiving a gift is the feeling the […]

10 Stunning Color Combinations

On December 7, 2010

I receive questions regarding color combinations faster than I can answer them.  Choosing the right color palette to complement the overall look and feel of a wedding is quite important.  I’ll designate a future post to some of my tips for choosing wedding colors, but mainly it’s a feeling.  What looks good to you?  What […]

10 Ways to Save on Your Wedding

On December 4, 2010

The ways to save money throughout the planning of your wedding are countless. The following list obviously doesn’t contain all of them, but there’s enough to get you started and most importantly, get you thinking. 1.  Host your ceremony and reception at the same location. This goes beyond venues decreasing or removing ceremony costs all […]

Ask Jonette: I’m engaged! What should I do first?

On December 3, 2010

Today’s question is “I’m finally engaged.  What should I do first?” I know I say this after every question, but this IS my favorite question.  Most brides are trained to immediately search for a site upon becoming engaged.  That couldn’t be a bigger mistake!  No matter who you are, the very first thing you should […]

Barefoot Brides and Guests

On November 30, 2010

Any woman that’s worn so much as a kitten heel knows the pain of being in them one hour too long.  I know women who have called it a night and gone home earlier than expected because their feet were killing them.  However, when a family member or dear friend is getting married, nobody wants […]

Ask Jonette: What should people do if they forget something important?

On November 29, 2010

Today’s question is “At our wedding, the reader forgot the reading at home and so did the Pastor.  What should do you do if that happens?” Panic!  I’m just kidding.  If that were to happen at one of my weddings, I would do one of the following: Ask someone on-site to use their computer, find […]

Flawless Faces by The Makeup Dolls

On November 28, 2010

There is absolutely no point in searching high and low for the perfect wedding gown, veil, shoes and accessories if your beautiful face is not flawless to finish your wedding day look!  I was fortunate enough to get some one-on-one time with The Makeup Dolls to find out how to avoid common mistakes made when […]

Create an Inspired Gift Registry

On November 23, 2010

Wedding gift registries have become extremely predictable and rather boring.  Yes, it’s important and fun for couples to start their lives together with certain items to fill their new home.  However, it’s also important to give meaning to every aspect of your wedding, preferably in a way that creates fun for guests.  Remember, everything should […]