The J Squared Events Team at Harlot Lounge SF

On June 19, 2013

Back in March, all of the ladies of J2 Events: Planning & Design got together to host a cocktail party at Harlot Lounge in San Francisco.  We do a ton of corporate events in the East Bay, but not so much in the city.  So we decided to throw a party our way and invited […]

A Father’s Day Tasting with Plate Craft

On June 17, 2013

While some people were fighting crowds and waiting in lines before being able to enjoy brunch with their fathers this past weekend, I joined one of my favorite couples {Alexia + Marc} for a private tasting with Chef Bonnie of plate | craft, a San Francisco based catering company! Since many of the groom’s guests […]

Bridal Registry 101

On June 11, 2013

A friend to J2 Events: Planning & Design was recently invited to a wedding.  Upon visiting the couple’s wedding website, she saw this: GIFTS:  We are asking people not to buy us any gifts.  Instead we are asking that people donate to our wedding & honeymoon fund.  Send whatever you feel comfortable using PAYPAL to […]

The After Party

On June 3, 2013

It’s been my experience that a great party never lasts long enough.  Whether it’s a wedding reception or any other celebration, it always seems as though the venue {or your neighbors} force you to call it a night just as the party gets into full swing.  That’s why I suggest an after party to my […]

Adult Sickle Cell Research Gala

On May 31, 2013

Most people don’t know this outside of my personal circle, but Sickle Cell is a disease that’s near and dear to my heart for many reasons.  One of which is my sister, Felecia Jordan, passed away July 10, 2008 due to complications from her lifelong battle with Sickle Cell at the age of 42.  After […]

Love’s Hangover – Specialty Cocktail Tuesday

On May 28, 2013

What better way to start off Specialty Cocktail Tuesday than with a twist on a classic margarita, the 100% organic Love’s Hangover! Love’s Hangover Recipe – 2 ounces jalapeno infused organic tequila (see recipe below) – 1/2 organic tangerine – 1/2 organic lime – 1/2 ounce organic agave nectar Tools Needed: jar, muddler, cocktail shaker, small […]

Adults Only Faux Pas

On May 20, 2013

Sometimes I wonder if what I’m writing for this blog is helpful.  Then a little gem like this comes across my email and lets me know that my Ask Jon’ette posts are desperately needed. One of my favorite, former brides received a wedding invitation recently with this enclosed: I would say “needless to say”, but […]

A Twitter Wedding at Silverado Resort

On May 13, 2013

I couldn’t be more thrilled to find out that one of my favorite weddings {and couples} is featured on Grey Likes Weddings!  Their celebration was full of love, beauty and most importantly, personality.  This is the reason that I blog so much about adding what’s unique about yourselves into as many aspects of your wedding […]

How many bridesmaids and groomsmen are too many

On May 6, 2013

It seems as though many couples are stepping away from large, over-the-top weddings and getting back to more intimate gatherings of close friends and family.  However, they can’t let go of wanting large, over-the-top bridal parties.  How many bridesmaids and groomsmen are too many?  Let’s discuss… For every 25 guests in attendance, you should have […]

Ask Jonette: When are high boy tables appropriate

On April 22, 2013

Today’s question comes via email:  “Highboy tables seem to be very popular these days.  Why is that?  When are these appropriate (cocktail party, dinner, etc.)?  How do I decorate them?  Do I use the same centerpieces as a regular table?” Highboy tables (also called cocktail tables or highboy cocktail tables) have actually been a high […]