Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2011: Dessert Variety

On August 27, 2010

Over the next 10 days I am going to describe what are currently my favorite, Top 10 wedding trends!  Let’s start with dessert! We have all seen the breathtaking wedding cakes…lots of tiers, flowers, details, even jeweled.  I love the sight of a beautiful wedding cake, but the point is that we have seen it […]

Ask Jonette: How do I invite more guests to the ceremony than the reception?

On August 26, 2010

I received this question via Twitter: “What is a tasteful way to invite a large number of people to a wedding [ceremony], but limit reception invitees?” This is such a great question about a very touchy subject.  In my opinion, there is almost no tasteful way to invite a large number of guests to a […]

UNinviting UNinvited Guests!

On August 25, 2010

It’s my goal to rid the world of guests who decide to invite whomever they like to other people’s weddings!  Why people feel comfortable deciding to increase your head count, and therefore your budget, without your consent is beyond me.  However, I would like to help you rid yourself of those uninvited guests! In a perfect […]

Plan A Wedding That You Can Afford

On August 23, 2010

If I had a dime for every bride with whom I met that told me although her budget allowed her to invite 150 guests, she planned to invite 200 guests, but knew only 150 or less would actually attend, I would be a very wealthy woman!  I’d like to find the bridal magazine that tells brides this silly statistic and ask them to […]

Hello world!

On August 22, 2010

I think that event planners are asked to tell more stories and give more opinions about special events than almost any other professional in the business.  If you’re a close friend, you often read my stories on Facebook.  However, I decided a blog was an open forum for me to also share some of those […]