Are You A Good Wedding Guest?

On October 27, 2010

One of my favorite pastimes is people watching.  Put me anywhere with a comfortable chair and some foot traffic and I’m in heaven.  That’s one of the reasons I love wedding receptions!  I can sit for hours watching guests eat, drink and dance (and I do) and never get bored. Recently, I truly paid attention […]

Ask Jonette: How Much Should We Spend On Our Wedding?

On October 12, 2010

Today’s question is “In this economy, how much should we spend on a wedding?” It’s important that couples, especially brides, not let the excitement and newness of being engaged cloud their judgment, particularly when it comes to the reality of their finances!  The economy does not dictate how much you should spend on your wedding…your […]

Ask Jonette: DIY Ideas to Enhance a Wedding

On October 7, 2010

Today’s question is “Where can I find DIY or unique and creative ideas to enhance how my wedding looks?” Another good question.  It’s important to understand that a creative idea is not necessarily a good idea!  But Jon’ette, isn’t a good idea subjective? Not always!  Sometimes ideas are just plain bad or simply do not […]

Ask Jonette: What Is Appropriate Attire For Guests?

On October 4, 2010

Today’s question is “What’s appropriate attire for guests?  Is it ever okay at a wedding to wear black?” Good one!  I’ve seen a little bit of everything when it comes to guests’ “fashion sense” and sometimes it’s not pretty.  Once a groomsman brought his stripper girlfriend to the wedding and she was dressed as if […]

How to Develop a Wedding Theme

On September 30, 2010

It doesn’t matter if your wedding budget is $100,000 or $10,000…you need a theme!  Planning a wedding without a theme is like driving cross-country without a map.  When taking a road trip, no matter where you stop to eat or sleep, you must still remain focused on a particular path in order to get to […]

Ask Jonette: How Do You Haggle Catering Prices?

On September 28, 2010

Today’s question is “How do you haggle prices for catering?” Well, um, you don’t!  This all goes back to planning a wedding that you can afford.  I understand that everyone loves a great deal!  However, when dealing with wedding vendors, you definitely attract more bees with honey than vinegar!  When you start haggling with caterers […]

DIY Wedding Budgets

On September 26, 2010

As a wedding planner, one of the biggest mistakes I see is couples making crucial decisions about their wedding day based on a faulty budget.  Most wedding magazines or how-to books lay out a general way to develop a budget – 40% for the reception, 10% for flowers, etc.  While 40% for the reception is […]

Ask Jonette: How Do I Involve Everyone?

On September 25, 2010

Today’s question is “How do you give everyone in the family something to do so they don’t feel left out?” I love this question.  Who am I kidding, I love all questions about weddings!  While I obviously don’t know every family member or friend of all brides of the world, I can definitely give you […]

Ask Jonette: How Do I Handle All Sets of Parents?

On September 21, 2010

Today’s question comes from the SITS Community: “How do you appropriately deal with parents’ names on the invites and who should walk you down the aisle when you have a father and a stepfather?” Not to worry.  Choosing the appropriate invitation wording for you is not as difficult as it seems.  There are several ways […]

Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2011: Unexpected Save the Dates

On September 16, 2010

We are in the home stretch!  Before we reach the finish line of my Top 10 wedding trends, let’s stop to talk about Save-the-Dates.  Save-the-Dates (abbreviated STDs) are tools that couples use to relay important details about their weddings to intended guests, typically when the wedding will be out-of-town or during a holiday weekend.  Some of that […]