14 Year Anniversary of J Squared Events

On September 30, 2015
J Squared Events 14 Year Anniversary 01J Squared Events 14 Year Anniversary 02I just looked at the calendar and realized September is almost over. In true Jon’ette fashion, because I’m always giving to my clients and forgetting about myself, I almost let the 14 year anniversary of J Squared Events pass without acknowledgement. Lord knows it’s not easy being an entrepreneur, but in September 2001, I happily answered where my talents and I were called to serve.
Most people know that I don’t exclusively plan and design weddings, but they are my favorite. Look at the happiness on these faces. It took some time, but now I own that I had a hand in bringing those smiles to these brides’ and grooms’ faces.
J Squared Events 14 Year Anniversary 03J Squared Events 14 Year Anniversary 05I don’t take lightly what an honor it is to be chosen as someone’s wedding planner. It’s a blessing to be entrusted with such responsibility. It’s even more amazing that for the last 14 years of my life, bride and groom after bride and groom have turned to me to make their dreams come true. God willing, it’ll be another 14+ years of my imagination and their visions!
On top of doing what I love day in and day out, look at all of these gorgeous women with whom I’ve been able to “work”. Seriously, be jealous because they’re ALL as lovely on the inside as they are on the outside.
J Squared Events 14 Year Anniversary 04I can’t celebrate the 14 year anniversary of J Squared Events: Planning & Design without highlighting one particularly amazing wedding. In today’s society, if you’re not associated with celebrities, you’re not credible. Well, I’ve been fortunate enough to plan a lot of events for celebrities, in addition to my bread and butter clients. From athletes (NFL, NBA, Olympians) to musicians, actors and politicians, I’ve done and will continue to do it all. But this wedding, the union of Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Cheryl Moana Marie, got me my first feature in People Magazine! It doesn’t get more special and credible than that. I will ALWAYS be thankful for Antonio and Cheryl for choosing me when they could have chosen any other planner who was more famous. I love you both!
Happy Anniversary to me!
~ Jon’ette XOXO

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