Ask Jon’ette: Should I Be Invited to the Wedding If Invited to the Shower

On February 7, 2014

Today’s question comes via Facebook: “Is it customary to be invited to a bridal shower, but not the wedding?  I was invited to a shower fairly recently, but not the wedding.  Now that I’ve been invited to another couple’s pre-wedding event, I’m a bit gun shy.”

In a word, yes, you should absolutely expect to receive a wedding invitation after being invited to and subsequently attending a bridal shower.  I’m sure you happily presented the bride with a gift, as well, didn’t you?

This example of a bride behaving badly should be a lesson to other engaged women.  The great excitement that’s felt after receiving a marriage proposal is understandable.  Often times, women (or couples) begin planning engagement parties, showers, etc. and invite all of their friends and loved ones because they’re simply trying to share their joy.  Many fail to first sit down and crunch numbers to understand how much money is truly available for the actual wedding.  They do it after all of the pre-wedding parties have already taken place, thus being unable to invite people to the wedding due to lack of funds.  Of course, some might just be rude and greedy, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Go to the recent party to which you were invited and enjoy yourself; don’t hold your last experience against them.

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~ Jon’ette

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