What happened to colorful weddings?

On June 27, 2013

I don’t typically browse the popular wedding blogs because I like my personal creativity and design work to reflect the specific personalities of my clients, not what everyone else is doing.  Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to escape images of other weddings, as I’m very active on Twitter and Pinterest.  This morning was one of those times.

A fellow Event Designer was sharing a recent feature of her work on a wedding blog (I won’t mention which one) so I checked it out.  Without question, the wedding she designed was lovely.  Gorgeous venue, beautiful flowers and lots of details full of blush tones – ivory, pale peach and pink, light green and even a touch of soft yellow.  Then I decided to scroll through some of the other featured weddings.  I’ll be damned if one after another after another used ivory, pale peach and pink, light green and soft yellow!  Frankly, the only thing that varied from feature to feature was the venue…sometimes.

While this is very beautiful and pretty:

…so is this:

Call me crazy, but I enjoy seeing beautiful, vibrant colors at weddings; they add elements of life and excitement.  Thankfully, my clients love color, too!

I don’t quite understand this obsession with barely there colors, but I hope the trend goes to heaven sooner than later.

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