Bridal Registry 101

On June 11, 2013

A friend to J2 Events: Planning & Design was recently invited to a wedding.  Upon visiting the couple’s wedding website, she saw this:

GIFTS:  We are asking people not to buy us any gifts.  Instead we are asking that people donate to our wedding & honeymoon fund.  Send whatever you feel comfortable using PAYPAL to (email inserted here).  (If you can’t make the wedding we still would very much appreciate a contribution to our wedding & honeymoon fund. Thanks very much.)

They actually typed the entire message in capital letters, but I thought I’d spare everyone.

Bridal registries can be tricky, especially when they’re accounts setup to receive cash gifts.  Here are 5 things to remember when registering for gifts (cash or otherwise) without offending your guests:

  1. A “donation” is a gift.
  2. Set up gift registries via legitimate sites such as Deposit a Gift, not PayPal.
  3. Soliciting wedding gifts is inappropriate.  Only disclose registry information when asked.
  4. Guests should never feel that their gift is more important than their presence.
  5. If you need donations to pay for your wedding, then you should rethink the scale of said wedding.

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