The After Party

On June 3, 2013

It’s been my experience that a great party never lasts long enough.  Whether it’s a wedding reception or any other celebration, it always seems as though the venue {or your neighbors} force you to call it a night just as the party gets into full swing.  That’s why I suggest an after party to my clients who want to keep the night and fun going as long as possible!  Below are 4 easy steps to creating a cool after party:

  1. LET THE GROOM PLAN IT:  The #1 detail that interests men during the planning process is the DJ or Band because they A) love a good party and B) want to ensure all of elements are in place to host one.  That desire will certainly extend to the After Party.  It’s a great way to involve your guy without forcing him to obsess over flowers.
  2. CLEVERLY HYDRATE YOUR GUESTS DURING THE RECEPTION:  The last thing intoxicated people want to drink is water.  However, you should at least try to get something into their systems other than booze.  Plan for a beautiful water station to be displayed an hour or so before your reception ends/after party begins.  An interesting display of water infused with fresh fruits will pique curiosity enough for them to have at least once glass…which is better than none. {see image below}
  3. CHANGE LOCATION:  You have a ton of options for after party venues; it just depends on your style.  Here’s a short list to get the creative juices flowing:
  • If your reception is at a hotel, then host your after party in the hotel lounge.  Speak to the lounge/bar manager ahead of time with an estimated head count; they’ll gladly keep the bar open and allow you to run up a tab.  Also, arrange for the caterers to provide late night snacks in the lounge.  Again, they’ll be more than happy to help you increase your food and beverage bill.

{Note}  This also applies if you only have a room block at a hotel.

  • Book a VIP section at a local nightclub or cocktail lounge.
  • Head over to a fun dive bar in the area.
  1.  PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION:  You may or may not be able to afford to transport all of your “let’s keep the party going” guests from your reception site to another venue.  If you can, perfect.  If you can’t, that’s okay.  Heading to a hotel lounge?  Coordinate the use of their shuttles to get your guests there, especially if you’re staying at their location.  Even requesting that your reception venue arrange for multiple taxis to be onsite is better than allowing people to drink heavily and drive.

If you decide to incorporate an after party, make sure to tell us on Facebook or Twitter how it worked out!

Fruit Infused Water and Lemonade Drink Bar

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