Ask Jonette: When are high boy tables appropriate

On April 22, 2013

Today’s question comes via email:  “Highboy tables seem to be very popular these days.  Why is that?  When are these appropriate (cocktail party, dinner, etc.)?  How do I decorate them?  Do I use the same centerpieces as a regular table?”

Highboy tables (also called cocktail tables or highboy cocktail tables) have actually been a high demand rental item for cocktail parties and cocktail hours/receptions for quite some time.  They’re popular for a few reasons:

  1. They present another opportunity to enhance event decor
  2. They make it easier for guests to enjoy a cocktail and hors d’oeuvre without trying to juggle them by hand
  3. They make for a convenient resting place for guests as they circulate throughout the venue; sitting down at a regular table would interrupt the flow of a cocktail party and decrease the energy

They’re appropriate at just about any time as long as you don’t use them as guests’ tables.  You may decorate them with loose fitting linens, linens with a sash or a form-fitting spandex linen.  You don’t want to use major centerpieces atop high boys; something smaller and more intimate is more appropriate.  If you’re going to incorporate high boys, then take advantage of the opportunity to introduce some different decor and creativity; definitely don’t use the exact same centerpieces as the rest of your event.  (We actually just gave a tip about this on our Facebook page; check it out!)  Small, unique vases with a few blooms, candles, photos and/or anything creative and pertaining to your theme works well.  We’ve even used mini-lamps before!

Here are a few examples:

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