5 Florist Interview Questions for DIY Brides

On February 11, 2012
Purple Lavender Roses and green hydrangea cascading bridal bouquet

Anne Mendenhall Flowers Sheila Garvey Photography

For many brides, flowers are one of the most special and exciting elements of the wedding.  That’s why asking the following questions of all potential florists is very important.

If ceremony flowers need to be transported to the reception site, will they do the transfer?  If so, what is the charge?  It’s worth it to pay the fee!

Must vases and/or urns be returned?  If so, how long after the wedding day?  For couples departing on their honeymoon immediately following the wedding, this is a crucial question to ask.  Coming home to a bill from the florist for un-returned items after a week-long getaway is avoidable.  Most florists will pick those items up after the event, but will more than likely charge a fee.  Find out what that fee is.  For couples spending thousands of dollars on flowers, some companies will waive the fee.

Is there a charge for the toss bouquet?  If a complimentary bouquet will be provided, but you don’t want it, accept it anyway.  An extra bouquet can always be used to enhance the beauty of the ceremony or reception site – guest book table, women’s restroom, cake table, buffet table, etc.

Is there a charge for sample arrangements?  More often than not, this will be the case.

Ask to see as many photos as you can stand to view!  Floral design is up there with photography, videography and wedding planning for professions in which people claim to be experts, but are not.  Browsing portfolios will show you:

  • Versatility:  Does every bouquet and arrangement look the same or is the designer’s work as diverse as each of their former clients?
  • Experience:  Do they have a few photos in a scrapbook from one or two events or do they have so many photo albums showcasing their work that you get bored turning pages?
  • Style:  Does every wedding look like a different designer created the flower arrangements or can you see some of the designer’s signature style in each creation?
  • Preference:  Does the floral designer actually do weddings or does he/she primarily service corporate clients?

Choosing a floral designer is no different than choosing a DJ.  You’re looking for talent, style and personality.  There are more floral designers in the Bay Area to list, all with amazing talent.  Their styles and individual personalities are what set them apart from one another.  Use all three factors and other to make a decision!

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