Create an Inspired Gift Registry

On November 23, 2010

Wedding gift registries have become extremely predictable and rather boring.  Yes, it’s important and fun for couples to start their lives together with certain items to fill their new home.  However, it’s also important to give meaning to every aspect of your wedding, preferably in a way that creates fun for guests.  Remember, everything should serve a purpose; registries are no exception.

A wonderful way to create an exciting registry is to evoke a personal connection between your guests and the registry by inserting your personality.

Take a moment to think about the fun things you love about your closest friends.

  • One might have an immaculately decorated home that makes you feel grown up while there.
  • Do you live for summer’s swimming and barbecuing in your best friend’s backyard?
  • Another might host a monthly book club that you look forward to attending.

I happen to be a good cook.  My friends love coming to come over when they hear I’m cooking my infamous macaroni and cheese.  If I asked those same friends to go to the grocery store and purchase ingredients for macaroni and cheese, then go home and prepare it themselves, they would be less than enthused.  However, if I asked each of them for $5.00 so that I could visit Whole Foods in order to prepare a home cooked southern dinner, they would not hesitate because coming over to relax and enjoy one of my gifts is exciting to them!  The same idea applies to your registry.

Former clients of mine are huge wine enthusiasts.  Had it been up to their friends and family members, they would have hosted a dinner party every weekend serving some of the best bottles of wine money can buy.  Therefore, they decided to register for wine instead of the same old, same old.  Since I love to take things a step further, we used the wines for which they registered to create a custom guest book.

We purchased a scrapbook in a color that coordinated with their chosen color scheme.  One of the couple’s favorite shots from their engagement shoot was placed on the cover of the scrapbook turned guest book.  Page 1 was a Table of Contents.  It had the wines separated by reds, whites, California wines, etc.  Each page thereafter had a photo of the actual bottle of wine for which the bride and groom were registered.  Almost every guest turned to the photo of the wine they purchased from the registry, then wrote their well wishes.  The guest book was an absolute hit!  Guests gravitated toward the guest book table until the end of the night simply because it was fun.

Whenever the bride and groom opened a bottle wine received from their registry, they turned their guest book to the page of that wine.  They didn’t just share the wine with each other and/or family, they also shared the heartfelt messages.

What do you and your fiance need or love that is a direct reflection of your personalities?  Use that to help develop a registry (and maybe even a guest book) that people have never seen before.

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