Ask Jonette: DIY Ideas to Enhance a Wedding

On October 7, 2010

Today’s question is “Where can I find DIY or unique and creative ideas to enhance how my wedding looks?”

Another good question.  It’s important to understand that a creative idea is not necessarily a good idea!  But Jon’ette, isn’t a good idea subjective? Not always!  Sometimes ideas are just plain bad or simply do not go with the theme of the wedding.  About a month ago, I saw a photo on Twitter of allegedly creative napkin rings snapped at a wedding reception.  Although not the exact item used, they were very similar to these:

pink knocker ball hair accessoriesYes, those are knocker ball hair accessories for little girls! Had the event been a birthday party for a 6-year-old Beleiber or a hair accessory themed wedding reception, this would have been a great idea, but it wasn’t!

When searching for a unique touch to add to your wedding (or any event), keeping a fairly open mind is important!  You won’t always find an item that can be purchased and placed at your reception as is.  You might have to use your imagination.  How can this thing be transformed or made differently in order to fit your needs?

Watching interior design shows and browsing design blogs are two of my secret weapons!  They’re free, easy ways to get the creative juices flowing!  This method also ensures that you’re not getting your “unique” ideas from a bridal magazine…along with their other 250,000 readers!  One of my favorite interior design blogs is Stylizimo.  You can find countless ways to take their ideas and incorporate them into your wedding!  On the home page alone, I saw a great napkin fold and ways to dress up candles at an intimate country wedding.

Let’s go back to those knocker balls.  Some hair accessories can actually make for nice accents.  Hair buttons, unused of course, make for wonderful napkin rings!  These hair buttons by Polka Dot Skies would add color and excitement to a boring, white poly cotton napkin!  They’d also compliment a napkin in the dominant color!  Red gingham or purple not in your color scheme?  Request a custom order for colors that fit.

Vintage Bingo Card Wall Sign by Mimi Marie DesignI Love Rock N Roll Wall Sign by Mimi Marie DesignI needed signage for an upcoming wedding, but couldn’t locate that special something!  Then I found these vintage Bingo and I Love Rock N Roll signs by Mimi Marie Design!

I wanted a more creative and unique way to let guests know what was being displayed before them.  All I did was tell the designer the theme of the wedding and what would be on the table; she did the rest!  Almost all weddings require some type of signage.  Think outside the box!

Cinema Marquee Wall Signage by Mimi Marie DesignCustom Concession Stand Sign by Mimi Marie DesignConcession Stand Favors J Squared Events

This Please Choose One sign closely resembles the outside of the venue!  Very interesting and far less common than large tent cards that give instructions!  Ask questions!  Had I looked at all of the baby related items in her Etsy shop and assumed that was all she created, I might never have found the perfect accents that were a hit at my clients’ wedding!

I’m not over cake toppers, but I am over generic cake toppers that are made on an assembly line.  If you’re a frequent reader, you know that I love to take something old and make it new.  Using a cake topper is probably the biggest opportunity, besides custom vows, that brides and grooms have to express who they are…literally!

Surfer Groom Cake TopperAre you an African-American man who loves to surf and is marrying a Caucasian woman who loves handbags?  I know what you’re thinking and yes there is a black man somewhere in America who loves to surf!  This cake topper by Mud Cards would be perfect for him and his bride…




Firefighter Cake Topper by Mud Cards EtsyMaybe you’re the bride who finally found her firefighter!

These are so cute! If I’ve guessed your reactions correctly, they’re also a little funny!  That’s a good thing.  There is nothing wrong with adding a bit of humor to a wedding, especially if the bride and groom are known for making their loved ones laugh!

Craigslist is another place to locate fabulous finds that will give your event the uniqueness you desire.  Before typing this post, I browsed Craigslist for 5 whole minutes and found the following:

Orange Glass Vase or Cake StandFor the right theme and color scheme, this orange, glass vase could be used a few ways to enhance the decor a wedding.  Turn it upside down and you now have a beautiful, unique cake stand for a small, 1 or 2 tier cake!





Umbrella HolderI’m not sure how much I love this vase, but I could see it looking nice at the right venue with the right decor.  This could actually be a nice umbrella holder for weddings taking place in winter months.  Much better than a garbage can that many venues will slide near the front door in the event of inclement weather!




Red VaseThis red vase, minus the stand that looks like a hot plate from a dorm room, would be fabulous for altar arrangements.  You cannot get a large flower arrangement to be placed at the altar for less than $175.00 each!  Think that’s a waste of money?  Use a beautiful, colorful vase and opt for 2-4 very tall stems.  Think calla lilies and orchids.

Let me know what you used to add something different to your event!

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