How to Develop a Wedding Theme

On September 30, 2010

It doesn’t matter if your wedding budget is $100,000 or $10,000…you need a theme!  Planning a wedding without a theme is like driving cross-country without a map.  When taking a road trip, no matter where you stop to eat or sleep, you must still remain focused on a particular path in order to get to your destination.  Your destination is the wedding day!

The beauty of a theme is that it can be absolutely anything you want – a season, flower, special design or image, color, city, country, you get the point!  A great way to decide is for a bride and groom to sit down with lots of paper and start writing.  Jot down any words or phrases that come to mind when you imagine how you’d like guests and yourselves to feel while actually being at your wedding!  Make note of words you’d use to describe how you envision your wedding, as well.  After you’ve written down everything that comes to mind, put your list somewhere private.  It’s important not to share the list with your partner because that will inevitably cause them to write some of your thoughts on their list.  In order to ensure that the wedding as a whole is a genuine combination of what the bride and groom want, don’t share just yet!

Revisit that list the following day because something surely came to mind while running errands or watching WeTV the night before.  On day 3, sit down with your lists and highlight every word or phrase that the two of you have in common!  Those commonalities are your blueprint!  From there, your theme should be very obvious!

I’m not one for overt themes.  I like to use something subtle and tie it into as many aspects of the wedding design as possible without beating it to death.  It’s a theme, not a pinata!  One of my favorite couples and weddings made their colors the theme!  Mint green and chocolate brown.  Here are a few photos to illustrate how we carried it out…

Of course, we used their colors turned theme for the standard things – table linens, napkins and flowers.

This was one of my favorite touches!  This site had paintings hanging throughout the room.  Although they were nice paintings, they couldn’t have not worked more than they did for this reception.  I decided during the planning that I’d make them look like large gifts hanging from the wall while sticking with the theme.

The gifts on the wall spilled over to the wedding favors (which also served as escort cards, but that’s another topic).  I refer to these as tangents, which if you know me, you know that I go off on them as often as I take a breath.  The bride and groom wanted to give their guests CDs full of wonderful, old school R&B music.  As you can see above, we made the favors look like mini gifts, as well.  I decided that wrapping the chocolate brown ribbon around all four sides of the envelope would turn the favors into a pinata.  So two sides it was.

My clients opted for a dessert buffet instead of a cake.  In keeping with our theme of mint green and chocolate brown, the selection of chocolate or white cupcakes were all topped with green frosting.  The old-fashioned candy jars were filled with an array of green jelly beans.  We polished off the display with a variety of chocolates from See’s Candies.

Now that you get the point, get your notepads ready and start creating your own blueprint!

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~ Jon’ette

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