Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2011: Unexpected Save the Dates

On September 16, 2010

We are in the home stretch!  Before we reach the finish line of my Top 10 wedding trends, let’s stop to talk about Save-the-Dates.  Save-the-Dates (abbreviated STDs) are tools that couples use to relay important details about their weddings to intended guests, typically when the wedding will be out-of-town or during a holiday weekend.  Some of that information includes the date of the wedding, the location, local hotels and airports, with mention that formal invitations will follow.  This is how STDs differ from invitations.  While both give you the opportunity to give guests a feel for the style of your wedding, save-the-dates are far less formal than invitations.  So have fun with them!

Most couples send a small insert (similar to the flat panel invitation that I hate) packed with information.  Don’t forget the save-the-date magnet!  I’m sure that when people first started with the calendar magnets, it was a great idea, but how long must we beat that dead horse?  Creative and unexpected Save-the-Dates are the perfect way to excite your wedding guests about attending your celebration long before they receive an invitation!

The beauty of save-the-dates is that they don’t have to match the theme of your wedding to a tee!  For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, you could be literal and send message in a bottle STD complete with sand, seashells and starfish.  Or you could send a calendar magnet…kidding!  You get the point though.  You can take almost any item that is sold at Big Lots, Staples or even a fabric store and turn it into a creative and unexpected save-the-date.

Above is a photo that I took of the most unusual save-the-date I’ve seen in years!  It’s an accordion organizer turned save-the-date.  You could even use a recipe holder.  Galison carries a lot of these.  You can also find similar items at any store that sells student organization items.

A standard insert with all of the general information was affixed to the top of the accordion section of the STD.  A rubber stamp was used to embellish the top of the note pad on the right.  You can find these at Paper Source and other stores for a small fee.

Each section of the accordion file was filled with an insert in matching designs.  One listed travel accommodations, the next an itinerary of the fun events that were scheduled for all guests during the trip and another even had a map of the location!  If it’s affordable, hire a graphic designer to design and print the inserts.  Cut some of those costs by having the inserts designed by a professional and printed elsewhere.  A very low-cost option is to use a template on a site like VistaPrint and have them do the printing, as well!

Too much maintenance for you?  Purchase deeply discounted, small notepads or calendars from Office Depot after school starts or when they’re trying to get rid of the old items to make room for the new.  Spend the money on fantastic, detailed rubber stamps.  Stamp the inside first page or two with your save-the-date information.  Same difference!

Of course, you don’t have to use this as your save-the-date, but I wanted to give you an idea of how something so simple can be turned into a unique creation!

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