Ask Jonette: How Do You Haggle Catering Prices?

On September 28, 2010

Today’s question is “How do you haggle prices for catering?”

Well, um, you don’t!  This all goes back to planning a wedding that you can afford.  I understand that everyone loves a great deal!  However, when dealing with wedding vendors, you definitely attract more bees with honey than vinegar!  When you start haggling with caterers (or any other wedding vendor) about their prices, you’re going to turn them off and make them not want to go above and beyond for you in the end….maybe even pull out of the bidding altogether!

You’re faced with two options for catering – in-house or outside; you’re either stuck with the catering provided by the venue or you may choose your own.  Either way, their prices are their prices.  If you feel that they’re too expensive, keep shopping around until you find the quality and price that works for you!

Now, if you’re extremely kind to a particular caterer during the selection process and build a great rapport with them to the point that you know they want your business, let them know that while you would absolutely love to choose them, you’ve received a quote that’s a bit less from another catering company (make sure this is the truth).  Although you don’t love the other company as much, you have to be budget conscious and you figure they’ll do a decent enough job.  In that case, they just might match the other company’s quote.  Might!  If they bite, do not make them regret it by bugging them for a year while planning your wedding.  Show them your gratitude by not asking for anything outside of your contract guidelines.  Make them feel as though they chose to make an exception for the right couple.  Who knows, they just might throw in your vendor meals for free toward the end or decrease your cake cutting fee!  Wedding vendors love going above and beyond for dream clients!  Trust me!

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~ Jon’ette

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