Ask Jonette: Do I Have to Invite Every Family Member?

On January 28, 2011

Today’s question came via email:  “I’m not especially close to my aunt, her husband or her sons.  However, I am close with her daughters.  With the exception of the daughters, I do not want to invite them to my wedding.  My mom said this would be wrong.  Do you agree?”

The first thing I want to tell you is that you are not alone in your feelings.  Brides and grooms have this question all of the time.

Assuming your female cousins are adults and able to transport themselves to your wedding, no, I actually don’t think this is wrong.  Weddings are a time for couples to surround themselves with loved ones that enhance the celebration.  People you dislike don’t enhance your day, they detract from it.

The only flaw in this advice is if your mother is paying for the wedding.  Parents paying for their child’s wedding often comes with strings.  Inviting family members of their choosing and even their colleagues are the most common strings.

Good luck!

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