Ask Jonette: What’s Often Overlooked by Brides?

On January 7, 2011

Today’s question/request is “Give tips about what people should know that’s often overlooked”.

One of the most overlooked things is related to photography.  Brides spend a lot of time, energy and hard earned money when choosing the perfect flowers, linens, favors and other countless, important details.  After all of that, many forget to ask the photographer to shoot all of the details individually and as a whole.  This means they do not have photos of how gorgeous their ceremony and reception sites looked once decorated, before the wedding started and without people in the shots!

Once people take their seats at the ceremony and reception, they will inevitably make it look different than the perfection created by an event designer or on-site staff.  Photographers must be specifically asked to photograph details.  They like to photograph people not things.  People buy photos of other people, not of favors, centerpieces, escort card tables, guest books, etc.  Guests purchasing photographs after the wedding generates revenue for photographers.  While that is totally understandable, the VIPs at your wedding are you and your spouse.  If you want to cherish the details you worked hard to bring to life, then you should have beautiful photos of them looking perfect.  Just make sure you ask!

The other is food.  Please remember to eat.  Your body has no idea that it’s your wedding day.  It still needs food (aka fuel) to give you energy.  You will need every ounce of energy possible to make it through your wedding day.  With so many guests to greet and thank for their presence, many couples don’t get a chance to eat dinner.  On top of that, you might also be drinking alcohol.  That makes it even more imperative to eat something prior to the start of the celebration.  Have breakfast and lunch, if possible.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Frosted Flakes; eat something!

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~ Jon’ette

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