Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2011: Dessert Variety

On August 27, 2010

Over the next 10 days I am going to describe what are currently my favorite, Top 10 wedding trends!  Let’s start with dessert!

We have all seen the breathtaking wedding cakes…lots of tiers, flowers, details, even jeweled.  I love the sight of a beautiful wedding cake, but the point is that we have seen it before!  Most of the time there is so much cake left over that couples are begging guests to take extra home as if they’re leaving a barbecue!  When my clients order wedding cake, I advise them to order a cake that will feed fewer people than are actually attending their wedding.  In almost 10 years in business, I have only had one wedding where there was not a single piece of cake remaining at the end of the night.

So, what can you do instead?  Opt for a beautifully displayed variety of desserts. If your heart is set on cutting a cake, order a small, one tier cake that will feed maybe 20 people.  The purpose of the cake is for you to cut it and take photos (if necessary) and/or to serve as one more dessert option for guests.

{Below} Two of my absolute favorite people, Melissa and Chris, wanted a cake cutting moment.  However, they wanted to keep things interesting for their guests.  In the top photo, you see that they had a very small chocolate cake with a beautiful, yet simple, monogram “F” for their last name on the top (purchased at Martha Stewart online).  In the bottom photo, you can see some of the alternate desserts that they displayed in lieu of a larger cake.  It went over very well with guests and there was not a single piece of food remaining at the end of the night!

{Above} The caterer showcased the groom’s love of pie…with a twist!  Bite size pieces of apple pie were placed on spoons making it easy for guests to walk by, pick one up and keep partying.  The appearance alone was more interesting to guests than a slice of cake.

People love variety!  That is why couples offer so many hors d’oeuvre options during their cocktail reception.  Notice that those never last?  It’s because when faced with the option of multiple items that they may or may not have ever tried before (for free) or one item that they more or less know how it’s going to taste, most people choose the former.

The possibilities are endless.  What are your favorite desserts?  Serve those and ask to have a twist put on them that says you to your family and friends!

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