Plan A Wedding That You Can Afford

On August 23, 2010

If I had a dime for every bride with whom I met that told me although her budget allowed her to invite 150 guests, she planned to invite 200 guests, but knew only 150 or less would actually attend, I would be a very wealthy woman!  I’d like to find the bridal magazine that tells brides this silly statistic and ask them to stop.

Whether it is the rehearsal dinner or the wedding reception, it is very important not to invite more guests than you can afford.  Yes, I know you want to invite everyone on Earth, but unless you can afford for every earthling to attend, don’t tempt fate.  The minute you decide to invite more people than your wallet allows, those extra guests somehow find a way to attend.  Happens all the time.

Friends and family members will tell you before they even receive an invitation that they probably won’t be able to attend.  Guess what?  Plans change.  You would be surprised by how much a beautiful location, unique invitation and which way the wind is blowing influences a person’s decision as to whether or not they will attend your wedding.  Next thing you know, you’ll be scrambling to stretch money that simply is not there.

If you invite as many as guests as you can afford and all of them are not able to attend, the absolute worst thing that will happen is you’ll either A) be able to save the unspent money or B) use the unspent money to embellish an aspect or two of your wedding!  Maybe you wanted a professional make-up artist, but didn’t have the money.  Did you want a larger cake?  More hors d’oeuvre selections during the cocktail hour?  A pair of designer shoes underneath your beautiful wedding gown but didn’t want to splurge?

If you work within your budget, it will make your life (and maybe even your wedding planner’s life) easier!

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