Ask Jonette: Must I Allow People to Bring a Guest?

On February 21, 2011

Today’s question comes via email:  “My cousin’s boyfriend is an unsavory character and I don’t want him at my wedding.  Is there a proper way to not invite him?  If so, how do I maneuver through that?”

Must you invite your cousin’s boyfriend?  No, IF they do not live together.  Here’s a quick and easy break down of the rules:

  • If inviting someone in a relationship and they live with their significant other, then invite the significant other, as well.
  • If inviting an engaged person, then invite their mate, as well.
  • If inviting a married person, then invite their spouse, as well.

Tradition and etiquette might seem old fashioned and unnecessary, but if ever there’s a time to follow a few harmless rules, it’s when compiling your guest list.

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