Specialty Cocktail Tuesday

On March 1, 2012

I’m a huge fan of specialty cocktails at a wedding for 3 reasons:

  1. they’re a great way to save money without your guests realizing it
  2. fun(ny), creative names and colors are an easy way to advance your theme and spark conversation amongst guests
  3. taste testing different cocktails prior to choosing the right one:)

All of my clients that chose to serve specialty cocktails really got into the spirit of things.  One of my favorites was the Hurricane Carina, which described the bride to a tee.  Unfortunately, we had to change the name at the last minute for obvious reasons.  One bride named Jennifer with an arguably unhealthy, yet funny, obsession with Jennifer Lopez served a Jenny from the Block.  In honor of a groom named Fidel and the vows he made to his new wife, guests were treated to a Fidelity [on the rocks]!  The point is to have just as much fun with the concept as with the actual cocktail you decide to serve.  Not getting married?  Don’t fret.  Specialty cocktails are perfect for absolutely any party – from 4th of July to Christmas!

Choosing which cocktail to serve guests can be as stressful for couples/hosts as thinking of a catchy name.  Imagine that fuchsia is one of your wedding colors.  Now, think of a cocktail that looks fuchsia once mixed…Not as easy as it sounds, is it?  That’s why I created Specialty Cocktail Tuesdays.

Each Tuesday, I’ll highlight a cocktail, fully equipped with ingredients, recipes and a photo.  If you’re looking for:

  • a specialty cocktail for your special event
  • a new cocktail to try simply because you’re a libation lover
  • a name for your specialty cocktail,

then you’ll be able to find it here!

If you’d like to pay it forward and share specialty cocktail ideas with our readers, please submit the name, recipe and photo(s) of your cocktail to info {at} weddingsbyjonette {dot} com.

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