The Bridesmaid Dress: 3 Always in Style Trends

On April 12, 2011

I’m excited to welcome stylist, Brittany Sipp! If you’re trying to figure out which dress style will most flatter your attendants, then you’re going to love this.

For fear of being upstaged by her closest friends, some brides subconsciously (or not) tend to choose the ugliest, most ill fitting dresses for their bridesmaids. Please DO NOT be this woman! I’m begging you.

Wedding trends change quicker than you can say bridezilla, but silhouettes remain constant. Decide on a silhouette that is flattering to most shapes and sizes. More than likely, all of your bridesmaids will not be a size four. Some of the most universally flattering silhouettes include the A-Line, Empire and Mermaid.

A-Line is the most popular and most versatile. It flatters virtually anyone, regardless of body type. The A-Line silhouette is fitted in the bodice and flares out into an “A” shape. The flare just below the natural waist hides a heavy bottom or large hips. Since there is no seam at the waist, it elongates the torso, ideal for the short waisted.

The Empire silhouette is similar to the A-Line in that it flatters most figures. Bridesmaids with thicker waists or small busts will find solace in the Empire style. The high waist and fitted bust line fall into a slight flare, which can be free-flowing to disguise the infamous pouch or fitted to accentuate and draw attention to the neckline.

The Mermaid silhouette is not for the faint of heart, reserved for bridesmaids with curves and confidence. The Mermaid is extremely form fitting down to the knees and then flares out from there in however subtle or dramatic manner you decide.

Choosing a dress YOU would love to wear during and after a wedding is the easiest way to guarantee kudos from your attendants. By doing so, you are staying true to your style aesthetic and ensuring your bridesmaids look their best. To add visual interest and variety, choose bridesmaids dresses in various shades of the same palette, varying lengths or several different dresses altogether.

Remember, these dresses will be photographed and engrained in your memory forever. They’ll be readily accessible via DVD, Facebook, Twitter and center stage on your mantle. Don’t do yourself or your bridesmaids a disservice by choosing dresses that’ll only take away from the beauty of your gown. It’s your day; no one in the room will command the attention you will once you enter it!

Brittany Sipp is a creative, fashion forward wardrobe stylist whose clientele includes Ford Models, recording artists, NBA coaches, NFL wives and record label executives. Contact Brittany via email

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