The Wedding Venue Backup Plan

On July 25, 2011

Remember when I said that Mother Nature was showing signs of senility?  Neither did a lot of brides that got married in the Spring….in the rain!

The weather all over the country has become totally unpredictable.  Not even in California can we predict the weather during wedding season.  Between Facebook and Twitter, I saw stories of countless brides being rained out and having no alternate location on site for their ceremony and/or reception.  Sadly, those nightmares could have been avoided if they would have considered the weather before choosing their wedding venues.  I blogged about 10 Important Questions to Ask of Potential Reception Sites, but #2 is urgent enough to highlight! 

For outdoor receptions {and ceremonies}, what is Plan B in case of inclement weather? Many sites are breathtaking on the outside, but inside the facility is often an entirely different story.  If the outdoor area cannot be tented in case of rain and the inside looks like it came from the set of a bad 70′s sitcom, keep looking.

Bonus:  How many events are hosted per time slot and per day? For large venues {chain hotels} this shouldn’t pose a problem.  However, smaller venues hosting multiple events at the same time might present logistical issues should Mother Nature have an attitude the day of your wedding.  If the ceremony and/or reception must be moved inside due to bad weather, ensure that every room on-site is not occupied.

No matter how gorgeous the venue, you must know the answers to these questions before making a decision.

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