Private, Personal Touches

On November 12, 2012

From gift registries to DIY projects, I’ve blogged a lot about how to personalize your wedding.  As a matter of fact, personalizing almost every detail in order to make each wedding unique is part of the foundation on which I’ve built this company.  However, one thing I’ve failed to mention is that every personalized detail does not have to be meaningful to your guests.  After all, weddings are very intimate celebrations between two people.  Some aspects of it should be private, even when others can see them.

I recently planned and designed a wedding for a bride who had her heart set on serving cupcakes in lieu of wedding cake.  I recall how she lit up just talking about it.  About two months before the wedding, her parents demanded asked that she serve an actual cake.  Although she was disappointed, she obliged.  Since I don’t like seeing my clients bummed out, I found a happy medium.

We made her parents happy by serving cake and made the bride happy by making the cake look like cupcakes!  To her guests, it just looked like a really awesome cake, but to the bride it meant so much!  She was truly excited to have gotten her wedding cupcakes…in a roundabout way.  It didn’t hurt to have to have Shannie Cakes on board.

It doesn’t have to be a life changing detail.  Different things have different meaning and value to each brides.  What would make your heart smile but seem like just another lovely detail your guests?  Whatever it is, incorporate it.

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