Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2012: Bridesmaids’ Right to Shoes

On January 7, 2012

As many of you know, I’m a big believer in personalizing as many aspects of a wedding as possible.  Slowly {very, very slowly}, but surely, brides are stepping away from the “I saw this on a wedding blog and want to duplicate it” mindset and getting back to showcasing what’s unique and special about herself and her groom.

This particular wedding trend is about showcasing what’s special about the bridesmaid!  I think the cleanest look for bridesmaids is uniform attire.  However, allow your bridesmaids to add their personalities to your wedding.  Bridesmaids wearing the shoe of their choice and carrying a bouquet in the exact same color is the new way to go!

Bridesmaids often feel as if they are robots when asked to be an attendant.  Some hate shoes with a low heel.  Others can’t walk in high heels and end up being barefoot by the end of the night {definite no-no}.  To alleviate this, let them choose their own shoes and allow your floral designer to create a colorful, gorgeous array of bouquets that will add a unique flair to your ceremony.

The array of styles and height of each heel alone shows how difficult it would have been to have each bridesmaid in the same shoe, especially the one in flats {my favorite}.  Yasmin, the lead designer at Floral Theory, worked her usual magic to create eight signature bouquets to match!  I absolutely love this trend; I hope you’ll incorporate into your 2012 wedding!

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