Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2012: Downsize Your Wedding Cake

On January 5, 2012

I love a gorgeous wedding cake.  I don’t love to eat cake, but I do respect a masterpiece when I see one.  However, I think huge, overdone wedding cakes are a thing of the past!  In almost 11 years as an event planner, I’ve had one wedding where every last piece of cake was eaten.  You know what kills at a wedding reception?  Variety!  Options!  It’s the reason at least six different hor d’oeuvres are offered to guests during the cocktail reception; people love to have a choice.  That’s why my 4th trend of the 2012 wedding season is a dessert display that features a mini wedding cake {suitable for the cake cutting ritual} while showcasing a variety of treats for your guests to enjoy, as well!

Just because they’re desserts doesn’t mean that they don’t have to relate to the rest of your wedding or special event; they do!  Choose options that work with your theme, color scheme, personalities, quirks, childhood favorites…you get the point.  It’s simply another detail through which you can and should showcase who you are.

Check out trends one, two, three and five!

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~ Jon’ette

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