Ask Jon’ette: What is a polite way to say no kids allowed at a wedding?

On October 3, 2012

Today’s question comes via Facebook: “What’s a polite way to say “no kids allowed” at a wedding?”

The most polite way to not invite children to a wedding is to, well, not invite them.  You ever get a credit card bill in the mail?  As much as you might want to pawn it off onto someone else, that bill is only addressed to you which makes it your responsibility.  Think of your wedding invitations in the same way.

The envelopes (outer and inner, if applicable) that contain your invitations must be deliberate.  If you’re inviting John and Jane Doe, then say so.

  • No “and Family”
  • No “and Guest”

If you don’t want children at your wedding, then don’t address your invitations to them.  Remember, think credit card bill.

What makes the “no kids allowed” issue so tricky is that there are still far too many people out there who don’t know that if their child’s name isn’t on the invitation, then their child is not invited!  Click here for a great way to un-invite un-invited guests.

It’s your wedding.  If you don’t want children in attendance, then stand your ground and don’t let people make you feel guilty for that decision.  It’s not their special day, it’s yours!

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~ Jon’ette

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