Ask Jon’ette: What is considered wedding crashing?

On October 1, 2012

Today’s question comes via Twitter: “If my friend is getting married and somehow forgot to send my invite, but of course I go, is that considered crashing?”

In a word, yes!  Couples spend a lot of time going through revision after revision of their guest lists to make sure it’s perfect.  I actually find that it’s the hardest task for them to accomplish throughout the planning process.  So trust me when I tell you, no one forgets to send a wedding invitation.  If they said that, then they’re lying.

Although you might be upset by not being invited to their wedding, try not to take it too personally.  There are countless reasons that they likely omitted you from the guest list, many of which could revolve around money.  Please save yourself (and them) the embarrassment of showing up anyway.

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~ Jon’ette

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