Top 10 Overdone Wedding Trends 2012 Edition

On June 29, 2012

Every week, countless brides arrive at my blog by searching “overdone wedding trends”.  Since I’m always discussing this exact topic with other wedding professionals, I thought I would dedicate two posts to the topic.  The next one will illustrate alternatives to the following 10 Most Overdone Wedding Trends:

1. OVERSIZED WEDDING CAKES I love a gorgeous wedding cae.  I don’t love to eat cake, but I do respect a masterpiece when I see one.  However, I think huge, overdone wedding cakes are a thing of the past!  In almost 11 years as an event planner, I’ve done one wedding where every last piece of cake was eaten.  Not a good use of hard earned money.

2. MASON JARS I know this isn’t a popular stance, but that’s exactly my point.  If I never see another mason jar used as a vase for centerpieces or as a glass from which guests can drink (fully equipped with those dreaded striped straws) it will be too soon.  There are so many unique and beautiful vases, containers and drinking vessels available to brides that I don’t understand why the fixation is on mason jars.

3. MATCHING CENTERPIECES Details at wedding receptions should have as many layers as the bride and groom have to their love and personalities.  As lovely as the flowers are in the image to the left, it’s a snooze.  A little bit of variety in the floral arrangements, linens and food goes a long way in holding guests’ attention for the entirety of a wedding.

4. VINTAGE THEMES The day that someone can tell me what vintage luggage, typewriters, books and furniture have to do with 99% of the couples incorporating this trend into their weddings will be the day that I take this back.  Is is beautiful?  Yes.  Is it unique?  No, not with so many brides going this route.  Never forget that weddings are suppose to be an expression of who the bride and groom are as a couple, as well as individuals.  This is not the theme that will make such a statement.

5. PHOTO BOOTHS There are 101 other ways to create an experience within the wedding experience besides a photo booth.  “Well, what are they” you ask?  I’ll give you a few ideas in the next post with alternatives to this and all of these other overdone trends.  In the meantime, don’t reserve one for your wedding;)

6. PEONIES I think peonies are so pretty.  I truly do.  The issue is that they have somehow become the prerequisite flower for the also overdone vintage and rustic theme weddings.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think that there were no other flowers in existence!

7. PANTONE COLORS OF THE YEAR Each year that Pantone announces their color of the year, tens of thousands of brides make that their primary wedding color.  When choosing wedding color schemes, the likes of each couple should come into play, not what some company decided was hot.  Secondly, making this particular decision based on their announcement will only ensure that one wedding won’t easily be differentiated from the next.  After all, there are only so many tangerine tango linens on the market.  Think about the guest who’s attending several weddings throughout the year and how boring it would be for them to attend wedding after wedding with the same, basic color scheme.

8. BACKLESS WEDDING GOWNS As with any wedding gown, some styles aren’t for everyone.  The backless wedding gown is absolutely one of those styles.  The past year has been full of Hollywood starlets on the red carpet with similar gowns which, of course, trickles down to brides wanting to feel like a celebrity for a day.  I’ll just leave this one with a recommendation to choose a gown that matches your personality…and body type!

9. IDENTICAL BRIDESMAIDS ATTIRE The gorgeous bridesmaids in the photo are either models or have a model’s body.  That’s not always the case.  Again, weddings are about personalities; even bridal parties should get to showcase theirs.  They’re not robots, they are your friends who add love and life to yours.  Allow them to show your guests why that is so.

10. WEDDING INVITATIONS WITH ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS ON THEM Yes, you are thrilled to be engaged.  So excited, in fact, that you shared your engagement photos on your wedding website, Facebook pages and Twitter timelines.  The thrill will be gone by the time you send a variation of the same photo to your guests on your invitations.  Wedding invitations are an opportunity to wow your guests.  You can’t wow them with something they’ve seen already…over and over and over again!

I hope you found at least one nugget of food for thought to help navigate your way through the wedding planning process.  My intention is not to offend, but to be the friend who tells you that your outfit doesn’t quite look right before you go out in public.

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~ Jon’ette

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